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University lecturer dating student


What You Need to Know About Professor-Student Relationships

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Faculty members are prohibited from initiating or engaging in romantic or sexual behavior with undergraduate students at Princeton University. Faculty members are also prohibited from requesting or accepting sexual favors from undergraduate students at Princeton University. Faculty members are defined as tenured, tenure-track faculty, instructors, and lecturers.

Undergraduate students include those matriculating at Princeton as well as those from other institutions who come to Princeton for pre-bac, visiting, summer, and post-bac programs. In addition, no faculty member, researcher, graduate student, visiting student, or undergraduate course assistant shall initiate or engage in a romantic or sexual behavior with any student, including a graduate student or DCE student, who is enrolled in a course taught by that individual or otherwise subject to that individual's academic supervision or evaluation.

during lectures, you might be interested in dating your professor. This is not a date, so you may want to get a few other students from the class It's definitely not worth getting in trouble with the university for harassing him. A romantic relationship between a professor and student is generally not a good idea, but here's what to consider if you're thinking about it. Your University lecturer: a go to person for coursework help and of university professionals joining the UK's leading student dating site.

university lecturer dating student